Starting in 2023, Portugal Will be Introducing Regulations for Taxing Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptoassets, more commonly known as cryptocurrencies, have recently gained increasing popularity. However, many questions remain about how these virtual assets should be regulated and taxed.  The 2023 State Budget (OE) in Portugal brought some news regarding the regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies. According to the 2023 OE, cryptocurrencies will now be taxed as real estate, […]

NFT and Copyright

creative commons zero logo over nfts

In the last two years we have seen the popularization of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). A type of digital certificate with Blockchain technology also used in cryptocurrencies, which among other functions, guarantees originality and exclusivity to digital goods. That is, any digital work such as a song or an excerpt of a song, a meme, a […]

Bear Market and Bull Market: Market Stages and their Impact on the Crypto Universe

After a prosperous growth period, cryptocurrencies have had the opportunity to gain greater space in the world of finance. Despite being considered a volatile asset, the number of investors has grown considerably in the period from 2020 to 2022. However, the last few months have not been easy, with what is called by investors a […]

CryptoArtCulture and Social Innovation

marcus ferreira crypto art culture switch to innovation summit

CryptoArtCulture and Social Innovation meet. On June 29, at the invitation of the CDi – Center of Digital Inclusion and Social Innovation we were at the 2nd edition of Switch to Innovation SUMMIT| Social Innovation with Technology. In the event organized by the Valongo Town Hall and CDi Portugal the future challenges of social innovation […]

NFT Technology in Portugal

Interlinked - True Connection is the first nft collection of the Portuguese brand Wonther

NFT technology in Portugal is a growing market driven mainly by football and art. Many are the Portuguese who invest, and it is already possible to buy digital assets of works by Portuguese artists. Many are the opportunities in business that are being created. NFTs in art, society and the economy When we talk about […]

The big brands, NFTs and their strategies

NFTs have ushered in a new mode of exchange. This new economy provides creators, artists, and even brands with the freedom and decentralisation to form an additional and exclusive relationship with their supporters and clients. A purchase of an NFT expands a community’s interaction with an individual or company, from clubs to donations to brand […]

The NFT and the Galla’s art

Electra NFTs of Galla, a graphic novel by daniel martins

Galla, my personal friend is an artist who has no limit. The creator of the collection “Electra” (part of a bigger one, the “kilowatt” edition) just emerged as a the ultimate pioneer in the art scene in Portugal. In the glorious city of Porto, where the old meets the new, a flash revolution took place: […]