NFT is named word of the year for 2021

NFT, in 2021 cube art fair in Times Square

NFT is named word of the year for 2021 by the british Collins Dictionary that maintaining its tradition has released the word of the year. The winner was the acronym NFT (non-fungible tokens), which surpassed competitors “crypto” and “Metaverse”, conquering the prominent position this year. According to the publication, the term NFT has undergone a […]

Electra Collection: Talk and Exhibition

Electra Collection a crypto art exhibition by galla in cooperativa árvore gallery in porto city

Here is the emergence of a new paradigm based on the revolutionary technology of blockchain, where subjectivity and intangibility come together. New realities emerge, and connectivity becomes a lead character, “peer-to-peer.” Blockchains – decentralised and disruptive technology – advance, NFTs are created, smart contracts are established – releasing creative and artistic energy – and ensuring […]

In Porto, tradition welcomes NFT and the disruptive crypto art scene!

Electra Collection KW edition is the first solo crypto art exhibition by Galla in Cooperativa Árvore in Porto

CryptoArtCulture, the first platform in Portugal dedicated to the crypto art universe, presents Electra Collection, the first crypto art solo exhibition in gallery space, in the city of Porto in Portugal. CryptoArtCulture, in partnership with Árvore – Cooperativa de Atividades Artísticas, opens the doors, on November 24th, to the exhibition of the Kilowatt Serie from […]

What are Layer 2 Scaling Solutions and Cross-Chain?

layer2 solutions crosschain blockchain nft crypt oart culture

Centralized transfers are still the most popular channel for connecting hundreds of tokens and cryptocurrencies. However, because they are centralized, they require that you provide your private key, generating security problems since your assets are stored in your wallet. To alleviate such problems, structuring decentralized solutions between chains and decentralized transfers will be the determining […]

Tokenization of Assets: What is it?

token nft erc721 erc1155 erc20 crypto art culture

Tokenization vs. Cryptography Before diving into the subject, it is important to determine the difference between tokenization and cryptography. Tokenization prevents external systems from accessing actual data because it is not mathematically related to the original data being replaced. Cryptography, in turn, uses an algorithm that encrypts data by camouflaging it. Unfortunately, it can still […]

NFT: Sorcery or Technology?


NFT (non-fungible token) is a type of digital certificate established via Blockchain that grants originality and exclusivity to digital goods. This technology can be used in digital asset transactions, including videos, music, games, and collectibles. However, it’s the digital art world that is being taken by storm by crypto collectibles. An NFT, when attached to […]

Crypto Art: A New Ecosystem


Crypto art consists of limited-edition collectible digital artworks that are cryptographically recorded through a blockchain using a non-fungible token. This gives digital art the same level of authenticity as traditional art, just like Andy Warhol’s original paintings, which bear the artist’s signature. In digital art, this verification happens through an NFT, a non-fungible token, thus […]

Blockchain: A Revolution in Evolution


The blockchain was born in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, it has been the center stage of a worldwide revolution of the virtual landscape. Created against a backdrop of a global economic crisis and the real estate bubble, Bitcoin was born to, among other things, prevent double-spending and increase […]