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CryptoArtCulture and Social Innovation

CryptoArtCulture and Social Innovation meet.

On June 29, at the invitation of the CDi – Center of Digital Inclusion and Social Innovation we were at the 2nd edition of Switch to Innovation SUMMIT| Social Innovation with Technology. In the event organized by the Valongo Town Hall and CDi Portugal the future challenges of social innovation and digital inclusion were discussed, and many cases that are already a reality were presented, having their merit recognized.

Flash interview

Marcus Ferreira, our CEO, in a “flash interview” talked about the CryptoArtCulture platform, blockchain and NFT technologies, the Electra Collection and how our work is developed and promoted with national and international platforms and artistic institutions. He explains how these technologies merge with sustainability, innovation, and humanization.

In conversation, they wanted to know more about what has been happening since the exhibition of the kW Edition of the Electra Collection in 2021.

Currently, we are in preparation for an exhibition that will take place in December 2022, in the art competition promoted by NNC GALLERY LONDON, , the English magazine that published Galla‘s work, the Electra queens, in its January issue.

Galla was also invited by the Catalan magazine AL-TIBA9 BARCELONA for an interview that will soon be published.

The next edition of Electra Collection Megawatt [MW] is addressed in the next panel as a project that merges art, technology, and “economics good causes”.

Whatch CryptoArtCulture | 2nd Switch to Innovation Summit

A conversation about the cryptocurrency market

60 projects connecting technology to sustainability, inclusion, education, and humanization were presented at the Vallis Longus Cultural Forum, home of the Valongo House of Knowledge. The event welcomed promoters, organizations, researchers, and students.

CryptoArtCulture was also represented on the “Questioners’ Network” panel. In the panel, the current and controversial topic of financial literacy and the cryptocurrency market was discussed.

Cryptocurrencies were the motto for the discussion about inclusion and social innovation associated with blockchain and NFT technologies. The participants were curious and had their questions answered in the precise and relaxed tone that characterizes CryptoArtCulture.

Whatch Questioners’ Network | 2nd Edition Switch to Innovation Summit

A thank you to all who make us move and accompany us!

Article | Maria João Matos

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