Electra | Megawatt [MW] Edition

Signed by Galla, the official artist of CryptoArtCulture, the Megawatt [MW] Edition emerges now, in a second solo exhibition in Portugal, from a scenario of disruption and decentralization.

Following the launch of the Kilowatt [kW] Edition in 2021, Megawatt provides an evolutionary path of Non-Fungible Tokens.

In times of war, mourning and an impending global energy crisis, this series’ work signals the current decay of humanity in contrast with technological progress. Energy is placed at the center of a chessboard where duality dictates its rules. Tradition and innovation, retrogression and progress, destruction and edification, predatism and sustainability, individuality and collectivity, irresponsibility and conscience move on opposite sides putting our future in “check”.

The piece entitled MW#00 is a study, a pilot project. Its final formula will carry smart contracts, automatic splits for commercialization, NFT passports for collective acquisition, benefit mechanisms, and experiences, in addition to the democratization of payment methods.

Definitely a new era. God Save THIS Queen_

Megawatt’s binaural soundtrack can be better enjoyed using earphones.

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Electra MW #00 | Membership Version
Collection: Electra Collection
Edition: Megawatt [MW] Edition 
Rarity: 03 units
Resolution: 1176×672
Sound: Original | Composed by Ricardo Severo – Several Sounds | Binaural
Length: 03:02 min
Tools: Illustrator | Photoshop | Premiere Pro | After Effects
File Size: 456 756 238 bytes
Crypto Artist: Galla
Creation Date: October 2022
Minted Date: October 2022