Electra Collection a crypto art exhibition by galla in cooperativa árvore gallery in porto city

Electra Collection: Talk and Exhibition

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Marcus Ferreira | Maria João Matos | CryptoArtCulture

Here is the emergence of a new paradigm based on the revolutionary technology of blockchain, where subjectivity and intangibility come together.

New realities emerge, and connectivity becomes a lead character, “peer-to-peer.”

Blockchains – decentralised and disruptive technology – advance, NFTs are created, smart contracts are established – releasing creative and artistic energy – and ensuring artworks digital scarcity and authenticity, giving rise to new methodologies of creative logic and cooperation. Decentralisation of aesthetics and knowledge “coated” horizontality.

Digital art acquires relevance in the artistic-cultural scene enabling the public to enjoy works of art originally created for the blockchain.

Electra Collection emerges from this scenario of disruption and decentralization as the first solo exhibition of crypto art in a Portuguese gallery space. Galla, official crypto artist of the platform cryptoartculture.com, finds in this scenario artistic freedom, the right timing for diffusion, and a disruptive business angle in NFTs.

Electra Collection is an ode to electric energy – a queen of power, a key element, and a reminder of devotion.

The collection’s works reflect the concern about energy consumption in the blockchain technology and crypto universe. As a result of a unique photographic project, the videos are focused on 2D animation and divided into four editions: Kilowatt, Megawatt, Gigawatt and Terawatt. The Kilowatt edition, in exhibition, presents six works coined as NFTS throughout the blockchain.

The punk aesthetics embraces disruption, and the presence of the feminine is necessary: after all, who gives us the spark of life?

Article | CryptoArtCulture
Translation and Review | Carolina Martins
Photography | Denis Pinto 
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