Kilowatt edition from the Electra collection – the first solo exhibition by artist Galla, at Árvore gallery in the city of Porto

This platform’s own crypto artist, Galla, was chosen to present his edition Kilowatt, from the Electra collection, in the first solo crypto art exhibition in the city of Porto, hosted by Cooperativa Árvore.

Overlooking the Douro River, at Jardim das Virtudes, the cold and sunny morning of November 24th invited the public to enter the building of Cooperativa Árvore, the artistic-cultural institution that has welcomed artists from Porto since 1963. In stark contrast, the audience faced a disruptive scenario – six 43-inch displays loomed over the main gallery in vertical poses, eager to show themselves off.

Inside the gallery, future designers, animation and multimedia professionals, teachers of the artistic and professional school Árvore, journalists, artists, and cultural managers accounted for over 60 people, curious to attend the first lecture under the theme: Crypto art: a new era, a new ecosystem, communicated by Manuel Loureiro, professor of programming and development, and Marcus Ferreira, CEO of CryptoArtCulture. In a 3rd moment, Henrique Leite and Glaucia Rangel,brazilian blockchain experts conducted a lecture and launched a contest. Two blockchain courses were offered.

But there were more surprises!

Following the talk, the audience was looking forward to the Electra Collection exhibition, with the six queens of electric power, which simultaneously acted, appearing on each of the screens.

Each of the works in the collection had a QR Code that led them to OpenSea’s marketplace, the most consistent digital gallery specializing in the acquisition of NFTs.

In a mix of physical and digital, this unique, innovative, and disruptive event takes place in Porto, marking its place in a crypto art route that starts being traced in the city.

Marcus Ferreira | CryptoArtCulture and Fátima Luz | Cooperativa Árvore
Article | CryptoArtCulture 
Translation and Review | Carolina Martins 
Photography | Denis Pinto
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