Electra NFTs of Galla, a graphic novel by daniel martins

The NFT and the Galla’s art

Galla, my personal friend is an artist who has no limit. The creator of the collection “Electra” (part of a bigger one, the “kilowatt” edition) just emerged as a the ultimate pioneer in the art scene in Portugal.

In the glorious city of Porto, where the old meets the new, a flash revolution took place: A NFT only art show. As Crypto Art goes booming around as ever before, Galla brought to us a taste of creative shock attack. Although the artist refuses to sign up to any political angle, it is already there regardless of a chosen ideology standpoint: For the Non Fungible Token or NFT comes around in the most democratic way. The original is as good as the copy no matter the ownership due to its digital nature. The collector and the artist, as far as Crypto Art is concerned, are together disclosing this new era where literally all is possible.

Arranged at an ample space in a cultural spot facing the Douro river, I find six vertical large screens towering over the visitors, standing on sets of metal and electrical cables. The room and the animated images displayed become more than an atmosphere but rather a snapshot of a particular zeitgeist.

The NFTs from Galla are phenomenal and burst out of darkness in a masterclass of design and the use of the colour-light that only the digital screen can deliver. They all show the queen of an idilic however quite intriguing world. 

The realm of the binary, the tone contrast and the high-tech. the tone contrast and the high-tech. The six pieces are not only signed and named but also QR coded so one can purchase its ownership anonymously using cryptocurrency without bothering with the gallery dealer middle step.

This is a historical event for the whole art community in the country and a statement in form and content that all culturally up-to-date engaged individual should be aware of.

Article and Illustration | Daniel Martins

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