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Electric energy is paramount to our daily lives. As humans, we can’t live without food, and as digital creatures, we can’t live without electricity. We tend to underestimate how many aspects of our lives require a constant charging and recharging cycle.

Energy consumption is a significant concern in crypto art. Still, newer developments prove it is possible to operate in crypto while reducing electricity waste and valuing this resource. Take Cardano’s blockchain for an example: its ‘Proof of Stake’ mechanism saves a massive amount of energy, making it sustainable.

The set on display is a result of an exclusive art photo shooting project, aesthetically crafted by extensive editing layers. These videos are focused on 2D animation and are divided into four editions:

KilowattMegawattGigawatt, and Terawatt

Electra Collection is an ode to electricity – a potency queen, a key element, and a devotion reminder.

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Electra Collection
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Electra Collection [MW]
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Electra | Gigawatt [GW] Edition
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Electra | Terawatt [TW] Edition
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