The Megawatt Series from Electra Collection brings the disruptive scenario of NFTs back to Porto

The Megawatt Series from Electra Collection opens with MW#00, presenting itself as a second crypto art exhibition, in the city of Porto, bringing back the disruptive scenario of non-fungible tokens. The signature of the work is by Galla, official crypto artist of the CryptoArtCulture platform.

One year after the launch of the Kilowatt Series at Galeria Árvore, Megawatt debuts bringing with it an evolutionary path of NFT technology, this time, for a week (from October 14 to 21, 2022), at the FEUP Library, sponsored by Blending Audiovisuais e Anchorage Digital.

CryptoArtCulture, as a platform dedicated to research, education and project development; aims to leverage the web3 scene in Portugal, bringing closer the Portuguese and Brazilian crypto community. 

In partnership with DEI, of the Faculty of Engineering of Universidade do Porto it develops, in parallel, a cycle of conversations with the theme “Blockchain: a new era, a new ecosystem” where expert partners and exponents of reference companies such as Goal, Anchorage Digital, NFT Ticket Pass, Muzik-Art, Lumx Studios, Augmentric, GoBlockchain, and The Block Point, in an exchange of shared experiences, address issues related to blockchain, NFTs, web3 and Metaverse.

MW#00 – Evolution, revolution, and involution, sides of the same coin

In an environment of art and technology, MW#00 – the work that stars in this series – highlights the pathological polarization of contemporary society while dialoguing in black and white with the audience. Through a ledwall measuring 3.50 x 2.00 meters and binaural soundtrack composed by Ricardo Severo, the 03:02 min. video leads us into a “maybe possible” new era. 

In times of war, mourning and an impending global energy crisis, the work of this series signals the current decay of humanity in counterpoint to technological progress. Energy is placed at the center of a chessboard where duality dictates its rules. On opposite sides: tradition and innovation, retrogression and progress, destruction and edification, predatism and sustainability, individuality and collectivity, irresponsibility and conscience move putting our future in “check”.

QRCodes line the length of the gallery… Multimedia artists, researchers, programmers, enthusiasts, curious people, students, and teachers of the Faculty of Engineering immerse themselves with curiosity in the web3 environment, where they experience free of charge and without friction, the journey of acquiring an NFT, including the automatic creation of a digital wallet and access to benefits. 

Technology partnership enables web3 experience

500 pass tickets are made available through the partnership with NFT Ticket Pass. Each of them makes it possible to immediately participate in the draw for the NFT of the work MW#00, taking place on December 16, 2022. 

In addition, the ticket pass provides access, as a VIP member, to the CryptoArtCulture community on Telegram and allows you to download a cryptonary (in Portuguese) that is 70 pages long, containing 313 terms from the crypto universe.

The winner of the draw, in addition to the NFT of the work, will be provided with an A2 poster of Electra Megawatt [MW] Edition numbered and signed by Galla, as well as a special offer VIP member MW#00.

Click here for more information and purchase your ticket pass until 12/15/2022.

Megawatt [MW] Edition – Sustainability and commitment

The work MW #00 is a study, a pilot project, whose final formula will carry smart contracts, automatic splits for commercialization, NFT passports for collective acquisition, benefit mechanisms and experiences, in addition to the democratization of payment methods.

Win-win partnerships with projects that respond to causes of energy sustainability and CO2 emission are planned for the next works of the Megawatt series. 

In an integrative perspective and as a result of the work presented, CryptoArtCulture embraces the invitation to a new partnership. This time, it is with the Social Commissariat of FEUP and AEFEUP where we will contribute to the promotion of well-being within the community, creating an emergency fund for students with financial difficulties, allowing the achievement of new projects and new solutions. 

Special thanks: António Coelho, António Torres Marques, Ariel Alexandre, Carolina Martins, Denis Cunha Pinto, Emily Shockley, Gilberto Bernardes, Joana Fonseca de Pina, João Cardoso, Jorge Manuel Gomes Barbosa, Leandro Pontes, Luís Agrellos, Luís Miguel Costa, Maria João Matos, Marisa Silva, Ricardo Severo, Roberta Rodrigues, Sara Duarte, Sarah Rovi, Teresa Pina e Tiago Ferreira.

Photography: Denis Pinto

Article | Marcus Ferreira and Maria João Matos
Translation | Carol Martins
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